HBA of Michigan Highlights: October 10

HBAM Meets with New Director of the Bureau of Construction Codes (BCC)
Earlier this week HBAM CEO Bob Filka sat down with Andrew Brisbo the new Director of the BCC.  While Andrew most recently led the State’s cannabis regulatory agency, he had previously worked as the Director of LARA’s Licensing Division.
Bob was impressed with Andrew’s knowledge of our industry and his desire to create new lines of communication. Bob and Andrew discussed an array of issues impacting our industry, including the code promulgation process, BCC code interpretation assistance when questions arise locally, permitting and inspection consistency (or lack thereof) across the state, BCC’s authority to approve and revoke local building department powers and the need to work together in ways that can help speed and increase home construction.
MIOSHA Strategic Plan – The HBA of Michigan has been invited to be part of a small group of stakeholders to help them with their strategic planning process.  MIOSHA is beginning to develop the next five-year plan, which will cover FY 2024-2028.  MIOSHAs goals for 2019-2023 can be found here. 
The format for the focus group will include a series of questions.  This is our time to have input in their process, and we should provide them with answers to their questions.  Please take a moment to provide feedback.  This is a quick turn-around as the meeting is taking place WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2022 at 1:00 p.m.  Please email your answers back to dawn@hbaofmichigan.com.
Making it Easier for Veterans to Enter the Trades – Even though the legislature isn’t holding session, that didn’t stop the committee on Workforce, Trades and Talent from meeting last Wednesday to hold a hearing on HB 6400, which was introduced by Representative David Martin (R-Davison).
Currently military members, their families and some honorably discharged veterans can receive a waiver for an occupational fee.   Martin’s bill would expand access to encourage military members to come back to Michigan when they separate from the military. 
HB 6400 allows the waiver for occupational licensing fees for veterans up to five years after their separation.  The HBA of Michigan supports this legislation, as our non-profit Skilled to Build Michigan Foundation works to recruit veterans into the residential construction industry, and this gives us one more tool when speaking with veterans. 
HBAM Legislative Committee Members Needed – Have you wondered how the HBA of Michigan sets the policy agenda, or how we determine if we support or oppose a piece of legislation?  Those conversations take place with our legislative committee.  Each local association has one representative on the legislative committee at the state association.  Committee members serve for two years, the same time as a legislative session. 
A new legislative session will begin on January 1, 2023.  If you would like to join the legislative committee and serve on behalf of your local association, please reach out to dawn@hbaofmichigan.com

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