HBA of Michigan Highlights: October 14

House Passes Housing Michigan Coalition Bills

On their first day back after the election, the House took up, and passed the Housing Michigan Coalition bills. 

The legislation, sponsored by Senators Brinks (SB 362), Horn (SB 422), Moss (SB 364), and Schmidt (SB 432), expands proven programs to allow for residential builders, and non-profits to work with their local units of government to create workforce housing in their area.

SB 362 passed 71 to 37 with one not voting
SB 364 passed 71 to 37 with one not voting
SB 422 passed 70 to 38 with one not voting
SB 432 passed 71 to 37 with one not voting

These bills will go back to the senate for concurrence before they are sent to the governor for her signature.  The senate will be back in session the end of the month.  

The goal of the legislation is to support market-based solutions to increase the supply of attainable housing for working households.  

We are grateful for the bi-partisan, bi-cameral legislators who put politics aside to work together in passing this important legislative package. As we have previously stated, housing should not be a political issue.  

As this legislative session comes to an end, we will continue to work with republicans and democrats in both chambers on housing issues in 2023 and 2024.

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