Handling Disputes

As a homeowner you will want to first completely familiarize yourself with the terms of the contract and warranty coverage.

Next, make sure you have communicated the nature of the problem with your contractor – in writing.

The Home Builders Association of Greater Grand Rapids has a system in place to help you work through the complaint process with our member contractors, and will work with you to get the issues resolved. The HBAGGR will not take sides, but will act as a conduit for communications between the homeowner and the member contractor.

If the builder/contractor is a non-member and you have gone through the recommended steps, we encourage you to explore mediation or arbitration to resolve the complaint. Remember, going to court is always an option in these types of situations, but the HBAGGR’s goal is to provide information and resources to keep you from having to go to court.

There are other resources available for homeowners that you can seek out:

State of Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) has resources available as well as a process to file a complaint with a licensed) contractor in Michigan. (www.michigan.gov/lara)
Better Business Bureau, Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan www.westernmichigan.bbb.org
For other questions, please call the HBAGGR offices at (616) 281-2021